COVID-19 and Intellectual Disability Bibliography

The NTG along with the HealthMatters Program's Healthy Brain Initiative at the University of Illinois at Chicago maintained a working bibliography on journal articles and other print and web resources

specifically addressing COVID-19 and intellectual disability. The focus is on social and behavioral science research and commentary, as well as epidemiology and clinical practice.

The publications and print/web resources included range from early 2020 to August 2021 and represent the product of extensive searches from the Internet. The bibliography also contains a limited number of press articles and stories. The sources are from English and other language publications. When the resources omitted abstracts, selective text was abstracted to provide a general precis of the content.

The bibliography was updated periodically throughout this period. The current version is dated 8-20-21.  Given the abatement of the pandemic efforts to add to the bibliography have abated.