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Conference Events

NTG Meeting Involvement

NTG participated in DSAIA's 2023 conference

Photo of NTG Booth at DSAIA_edited.jpg

Former Board member, Ley Linder, and NTG Director of Operations, Kathryn Pears, attended the 2023 conference of Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action, in Hilton Head, South Carolina, held on March 2-5. 

They presented at a exceptionally well-attended session titled, 'A Silent Triad of Need: Down Syndrome, Aging, and Dementia' and spoke to many interested attendees who stopped by the NTG's booth to chat. 

NTG participated in American Academy on Neurology's 2023 conference


NTG Board Co-President, Seth M. Keller, organized the 'National Task Group Workgroup on Neuroatypical Condition Assessments', a special AAN meeting, held April 26th, bringing together leaders in the field of Alzheimer's disease, aging and intellectual disabilities to participate in an open discussion on assessment of cognitive decline in adults with neuroatypical conditions as well as a review of the implications of the usage of biomarkers and therapeutics. Board members, Matthew P. Janicki, Philip McCallion, and Kathryn P. Service participated.

NTG participated in National Down Syndrome Society's 2023 conference

IMG_4092(1)- Kathy-Marianne-Jane at NDSS 2023 (Cincinnati)_edited.png

NTG Board members, Marianne Barbara (chair of the Family Supports Committee - left) and Kathryn P. Service (NTG Secretary - right) participated as speakers at the 2023 NDSS Conference held on November 9-11, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio. They, as well as Jane Boyle (front), lead a well-engaged session on aging, dementia, and Down syndrome and concerns of families. Ms. Barbara also shared with the NDSS attendees information about the upcoming series of webinars designed to share key information with familiies. Both also participated in other events and represented the NTG at its booth.

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