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Thursday, February 10, 2022 4:00 - 5:30 pm Eastern
The NTG Early Detection Screen for Dementia (NTG-EDSD): A tool to track cognitive and functional changes in adults with IDD.

in partnership with ONEgeneration and funded through the Archstone Foundation


Presenter:  Lucille Esralew, Ph.D.

The NTG-Early Detection Screen for Dementia (NTG-EDSD) was developed in response to requests by family caregivers and agencies for a tool useful to record observations of changes in function.

The NTG-EDSD is used in starting that critical conversation with (and among) clinical personnel as to whether their observations merit more explicit assessment for MCI or dementia or -- alternatively – signal behaviors that may be amenable to intervention and remediation.

The NTG-EDSD has been recognized as a useful dementia symptoms or indicators screening tool in the guidelines issued by the Medical Care Guidelines for Adults with Down Syndrome Workgroup and published in JAMA [2020, 324(15),1543-1556]. It has been found of use in studies of mild cognitive impairment, as well - see Silverman et al., 2021 (JARID, doi: 10.1111/jar.12849).

The specialized information provided by the NTG-EDSD can aid community practitioners when examining and assessing adults with intellectual disability. The NTG-EDSD is designed to be completed by family caregivers and/or staff at local agencies and organizations. The NTG-EDSD is also useful for collective discussions and dementia care planning involving families and care providers.


Watch the December 2021 webinar, Understanding Aging & Dementia in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities, sponsored by ONEgeneration. 


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Free On-Demand Webinar from our NTG Canadian Consortium...

Down Syndrome & Alzheimer's:  Ken's Story

The NTG Canadian Consortium with support from Reena, an organization supporting people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Southern Ontario, hosted its first webinar on November 24, 2020, featuring famed author Diana Frizzell.

"A life lived, a journey taken, an ending no one wanted. Ken had Down syndrome and, as he aged, he developed Alzheimer's. He was only 48 years old.  Ken's sister and author of "Hello, My Name is Ken" shares her family’s experiences trying to support Ken and access needed health and support services.

Diana’s hope is that their story will inspire changes we need to make in our healthcare and community services to provide the level of care, empathy, love and understanding required for adults aging with Down Syndrome and affected by Alzheimer’s."

The link below leads to the webinar's recording, offered free with Diana's permission. Please share with families, friends, neighbors and service providers.