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What is the NTG-EDSD

The NTG released the NTG-Early Detection Screen for Dementia (NTG-EDSD) which was developed in response to requests by family caregivers and agencies for a tool useful to record observations of changes in function.


The NTG-EDSD is used in starting that critical conversation with (and among) clinical personnel as to whether their observations merit more explicit assessment for MCI or dementia or -- alternatively – signal behaviors that may be amenable to intervention and remediation. 


The NTG-EDSD, an administrative screening tool, is useful as part of the information collected in conjunction with the Affordable Care Act’s annual wellness visit and cognitive impairment assessment. The NTG-EDSD has been recognized as an useful dementia symptoms or indicators screening tool in the guidelines issued by the Medical Care Guidelines for Adults with Down Syndrome Workgroup and published in JAMA [2020; 324(15):1543-1556].


The NTG-EDSD is also useful for collective discussions and dementia care planning involving families and care providers.  A presentation by Dr. Lucy Esralew, of NTG's Board of Directors and Chair of the NTG's Clinical Care Committee, explains its basis and how it can be applied via a set of informative slides.  Click here to access her presentation.


The specialized information provided by the NTG-EDSD can aid community practitioners when examining and assessing adults with intellectual disability. The NTG-EDSD is designed to be completed by family caregivers and staff at local agencies and organizations. 

Both the NTG-EDSD and its manual are available in numerous language versions.  See below for the various versions.

English Language Version

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English Electronic Version
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Foreign Language Versions

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NTG-EDSD Manuals

English Manual
French Manual
Italian Manual
Spanish Manual

NTG-EDSD Articles and Publications

NADD Bulletin article on NTG-EDSD
Practical applications of the NTG-EDSD for screening adults with intellectual disability for dementia: A German-language version feasibility study 
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DEMENZ article on NTG-EDSD
(in German)
AAIC 2020 Poster on NTG-EDSD
Miscellaneous Articles

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