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NTG Training

NTG National Model Training Curriculum on ID and Dementia

The NTG's evidence-informed Dementia Capable Care of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and  Dementia is offered as a two-day "foundation" workshop or a three-day "Train-the-Trainer" workshop.  It is based on the NTG's evidence-informed national model Education and Training Curriculum on Dementia and Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and is held at various locations across the United States and Canada.

The NTG is also offering an evidence-informed one-day Introduction to Dementia and Intellectual Disabilities workshop for agencies that need staff to obtain a basic understanding of dementia/ID and care techniques and be able to create a dementia care plan.

Registration for the Fall '24  ECHO Dementia & ID Series Will Open in September

Workshop Descriptions

1 Day
Introduction to ID and Dementia Workshop

Target Audience: This core workshop is for DSPs and other staff who require a basic orientation to dementia, how it affects adults with intellectual disability, and guides for non-pharmaceutical interventions and dementia-specific care practices (including how to write a dementia care plan).

Topics Include: What is dementia, types of dementia and stages, planning for impact of dementia, models for individual and group care, communication techniques, environmental adaptations, managing BPSDs, and creating a dementia care plan.

Availability: This core workshop can be provided on site or via a webinar.

2 Day
Foundation Workshop

Target Audience:  The workshop is appropriate for any staff with direct or ancillary care responsibilities of older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in both disability-related, health care, and aging-related agencies.


Description:  This highly interactive and evidence-informed workshop covers the basic concepts of care of an adult with ID and dementia.  


Topics include:

  • Introduction to Aging & ID

  • Understanding Dementia in Adults with ID

  • What is Dementia?  How Does it Present Differently in Adults with ID?

  • Early Detection and Screening for Dementia in ID

  • Obtaining a a Diagnosis

  • Health Care Advocacy for Adults with ID and Dementia

  • Understanding Challenging Behaviors in Adults with ID and Dementia

  • Non-pharmacologic Interventions for Behavior

  • Communication Tips & Strategies

  • Adapting the Physical Environment

  • Dementia Capable Residences

  • Stage-based Considerations

  • Bridging the Aging and Disability Networks

3 Day
"Train the Trainer" Workshop

Target Audience:  The workshop is appropriate for any staff with direct or ancillary care responsibilities of older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in both disability-related, health care, and aging-related agencies.


Description: This workshop is for those wishing to become an "NTG Affiliated Trainer."


The first two days of the workshop cover the topics outlined above in the 2 Day Basic Workshop.


Day 3: A third day is added and is devoted to understanding and delivering the full NTG Dementia Capable Care Curriculum. NTG Affiliated Trainers are authorized to use NTG branded and copyrighted training materials to train within their own organization or to conduct training for outside agencies and organizations. Affiliated trainers have access to greatly expanded topic modules, trainer manual, NTG continuing education webinars, and are mentored by NTG Master Trainers.

Following completion of the workshop participants are required to successfully complete an online test of knowledge before they will be awarded a certificate of completion and receive NTG branded and copyrighted training materials.

Workshop Outcomes: Greater understanding of dementia and its effects on people with intellectual disabilities, greater capacity to provide dementia-capable direct services to adults with ID and dementia, and knowledge of how to develop a dementia-capable environment and programming.


Continuing Education:  Unless otherwise noted, the NTG is unable to offer Continuing Education Units (CEU's) or Continuing Medical Education (CME's) for these workshops.  However, a Certificate of Completion/Contact Hours  is provided to attendees at the completion of the workshop.  


Costs:  Standard per participant registration fee is $275  for the 2 Day Workshop and $475  for the 3 Day workshop.   Discounted registration fees are offered at some workshop sites thanks to the generous support of local sponsors or grant funds.  Discounted registration fees will be clearly noted on the workshop location listing if applicable.


Host a one-day Introductory or full NTG Dementia Capable Care Workshop:  If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please fill out this interest form and email it to Dr. Kathleen Bishop [] or Kathryn Pears [].

Important Information Regarding NTG Workshops. 

Only workshops that are listed on the NTG website are official NTG workshops. The NTG has a cadre of Affiliated Regional Trainers located across the US. Affiliated Regional Trainers are authorized to use NTG copyrighted training materials to conduct in-service training within their own agencies and organizations as well as provide training to outside agencies and organizations within their geographic region. The NTG retains exclusive rights to offer the copyrighted one-day Basic Information, and two- and three-day Dementia Capable Care of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia workshops as listed on the NTG website. The NTG is solely responsible for designating Affiliated Regional Trainers through our three-day Train-the-Trainer program.  Affiliated Regional Trainers are not authorized to conduct Train-the-Trainer workshops or designate other individuals as trainers. For more information please direct questions to NTG Education and Training Committee or Dr. Kathleen Bishop or Kathryn Pears.

NTG/URI/VCU ECHO Education Series

NTG and URI/VCU have concluded its Spring 2024 ECHO Series and is planning the Fall 2024 program



We are keeping posted the information on the Spring 2024 URI/VCU/NTG Project ECHO series until late summer!

There is no cost for participation







The ECHO series are a free, practical, case-based education program for health care and social service providers who want to enhance their knowledge, capabilities, and performance related to the care of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities affected by dementia.

Each ECHO session includes a brief presentation by a content expert, a case study presentation (submitted by a participant), and an open discussion to teach and learn from one another.

​This series is a collaboration between the NTG and the Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Programs (GWEPs) at the University of Rhode Island and Virginia Commonwealth University and is supported by grants from HRSA to the two universities.


To access and watch previous series (<2023)

Spring 2023

Fall 2023

Spring 2024

The Fall 2023 Series theme is "Intersectional Collaborations"

The URI GWEP has issued a look-back at the 4 years of the joint NTG/URI/VCU ECHO series on dementia and intellectual disabilities.  To see the look-back chart.

FMI email Faith Sands at URI

FMI: Click here for Fall program and speakers

The Spring 2024 ECHO Series began on April 22nd, and ran fortnightly through to June 17th.  The Spring ECHO series theme was 'Along the Continuum' and had presentations on a variety of assessment, clinical, and planning topics.   Click on image for flyer

Flyer with speakers_edited.jpg

Research on Impact


The principals of the GWEPs at URI and VCU published an article describing and evaluating the 2021-22 ECHO series on dementia and intellectual disability. Their work found that "... Project ECHO can bridge gaps and span boundaries between the intellectual disability and aging care systems at multiple levels, improving inter-professional collaboration
and care by addressing both knowledge and networking needs of providers.

Clark et al ECHO - image_edited.jpg

To read the article, click on the image

NTG Hub Team members include, Kathleen Bishop, Ph.D., Matthew Janicki, Ph.D., Seth Keller, M.D., Kathryn Service, FPN.

Fall series dates were: Oct 2nd, Oct 16th, Oct 30th, Nov 13th, & Nov 27th

NTG Webinars are 'Learning Central'

The NTG holds regular webinars on a variety of topics related to ID and dementia.

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