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The NTG Canadian Consortium has adapted the NTG education and training curriculum for use within Canada and offers a range of trainings, webinars, and consultations for agency trainers.  The Consortium is a collective of professionals, academics, agency personnel and family with interest in advocacy, education, and program/services development on behalf of Canadians with intellectual and developmental disabilities at risk of or living with dementia as well as their families and other caregivers. The Consortium also supports a network of Affiliated Provincial Trainers in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan... and provides technical assistance to all areas across Canada.

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NTG's nationally acclaimed training curriculum has been adapted for Canada! 

  • The NTG Canadian Consortium is providing NTG workshops across Canada

  • A number have already been held in British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario

  • Only workshops that are listed on this website are official NTG - Canada workshops

What to Expect

2-day Basic Workshops and 3-day Affiliated Trainer Workshops

The 'basic course' is useful for any person  with direct or ancillary support responsibilities of older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in disability-related, health care, and aging-related agencies, as well as administrators, clinicians, and family members or caregivers.

The 'basic course' and the 'trainer add-on' is useful for any persons with direct or ancillary support responsibilities of older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in disability-related, health care, and aging-related agencies who will take a leadership role in developing dementia capable supports in their region and will want to become an “NTG-Canada Affiliated Provincial Trainer".

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To read a short overview of the Canadian Consortium and curriculum

click on the flyer

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Key curriculum topic areas:

• Understanding dementia and how it impacts people with intellectual disabilities

• Early detection and screening

• Understanding the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia

• Interventions and strategies to address symptoms and improve quality of life

About US

We aim to make our courses accessible and affordable with costs kept to a minimum.  Registration is limited to enable participants to connect and begin to develop grassroots networks. Courses are offered on a provincial basis to facilitate the development of regional communities of practice, where trainees have a knowledge of their own unique social service resources and systems.

• Currently we have trained over 100 Affiliated Provincial Trainers. Master trainers are available to mentor Affiliated Provincial Trainers and encourage provincially based efforts.

• NTG-Canada is also involved in advocacy work and has partnered on research project proposals.

Please note that only by taking the NTG Canadian Consortium's affiliated trainer course can someone use the NTG-Canada curriculum materials to provide trainings in Canada.

Taking the USA workshop version, while permitted, does not provide eligibility to become a NTG-Canada provincial affiliated trainer nor to offer trainings in Canada using the NTG-Canada materials.
To organize an on-site course in your area contact Leslie Udell at

NTG Canadian Workshops Schedule



Calgary, Alberta

April 29-30, 2024

NTG-Canada 2 Day Basic Course

April 29-30 / May 1, 2024
NTG-Canada 3 Day Affiliated Provincial Trainer Course

Location: Vecova

3304 33rd Street NW

Calgary, Alberta T2L 2A6

Time: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm each day

FMI and registration, contact Leslie Udell

Vecova Calgary_edited.jpg
Calgary Workshop Flyer_edited.jpg

Click on flyer image to open workshop flyer and access registration links

Upcoming NTG Canada Curriculum Offerings in Spring 2024
Calgary, Alberta
Sudbury, Ontario
Lower mainland, British Columbia
Dates, times, and locations are forthcoming

FMI/Registration, contact Leslie Udell
Workshops Held Recently (2024)
Kitchener, Ontario
  Jan 9-10, 2024       2 Day Basic
  Jan 9-11, 2024       3 Day APT
FMI contact Leslie Udell

Previous NTG Canadian Workshops & News

October 24-26, 2022
Thornhill, Ontario

FMI: Dr. Nancy Jokinen at

May 28, 29 and June 8, 2022
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sponsored by Carey Lai, Owner / Pharmacist, Leia Pharmacy

March, 2022
Ontario Virtual Training

Virtual training for Ontario residents

Previous Trainings held in: British Columbia

While virtual trainings have been held to overcome pandemic restrictions, in-person training events following local health authority protocols are preferred.  These workshops are highly interactive and provide networking opportunities.

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