NTG's nationally acclaimed training curriculum has been adapted for Canada! 

The NTG Canadian Consortium is providing NTG workshops across Canada

Only workshops that are listed on this website are official NTG - Canada workshops

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Contact Dr Nancy Jokinen via email.

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Newsy Items from the Canadian Consortium

Down Syndrome & Alzheimer's: Ken's Story

The NTG Canadian Consortium with support from Reena, an organization supporting people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Southern Ontario, hosted its first webinar on November 24, 2020, featuring famed author Diana Frizzell.

"A life lived, a journey taken, an ending no one wanted. Ken had Down syndrome and, as he aged, he developed Alzheimer's. He was only 48 years old.  Ken's sister and author of "Hello, My Name is Ken" shares her family’s experiences trying to support Ken and access needed health and support services.

Diana’s hope is that their story will inspire changes we need to make in our healthcare and community services to provide the level of care, empathy, love and understanding required for adults aging with Down Syndrome and affected by Alzheimer’s."

The link below leads to the webinar's recording, offered free with Diana's permission. Please share with families, friends, neighbors and service providers.




Canadian Location Workshop Schedule

Two 2-DAY BASIC WORKSHOPS and 3-DAY AFFILIATED TRAINER WORKSHOPS will be offered in Ontario in October


       October 18 – 20, 2022 in Georgetown, Ontario  


       October 24 – 26, 2022 in Thornhill, Ontario


*** Registration will be limited ***

Details and registration links for both locations are now posted.

FMI: Dr. Nancy Jokinen at nancy.jokinen@unbc.ca

For workshop details and registration click on flyer  

Please register early as spaces are limited

If you live and work outside of Ontario, contact us for information to host a workshop in your province.

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The 'basic course' is useful for any person  with direct or ancillary support responsibilities of older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in disability-related, health care, and aging-related agencies, as well as administrators, clinicians, and family members or caregivers.

The 'basic course' and the 'trainer add-on' is useful for any persons with direct or ancillary support responsibilities of older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in disability-related, health care, and aging-related agencies who will take a leadership role in developing dementia capable supports in their region and will want to become an “NTG-Canada Affiliated Trainer.

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A NTG-Canada In-Person Training Workshop was held in May 2022 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The basic & provincial trainer workshop sessions were underwritten by Carey Lai, Owner and Pharmacist at Leila Pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

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Course participants gather for a happy group photo!

Canadian Virtual Workshop Schedule

The NTG Canadian Consortium's Dementia Capable Support of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities & Dementia training is periodically offered as a virtual workshop.  These workshops are offered as a “basic” course and the “NTG-Canada Affiliated Provincial Trainer” course.  Both courses are adapted from the Canadian version of the evidence-informed NTG Education and Training Curriculum on Dementia and Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities offered in the USA.  The 'basic' course runs for 3 hours each day and the NTG-Canada Affiliated Trainer Course follows with two session (3 hours each)  The course generally run from 13:00 - 16:00 Eastern.  The basic course includes an additional 1.5 hours homework.  The Trainer Course also includes an additional 1 hour homework. The cost of the 'basic' course is CDN$300 and the cost for taking both the 'basic' and trainer courses is CDN$500.

         To access the course flyer

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Please note that only by taking the NTG Canadian Consortium's course can anyone provide trainings in Canada using the NTG curriculum materials. 

Taking the USA workshop version, while permitted, does not provide eligibility to offer trainings in Canada using the NTG materials.
FMI: Contact  Leslie Udell at lesudel@mymts.net or Dr. Nancy Jokinen at nancy.jokinen@unbc.ca

To organize an on-site course in your area contact Leslie Udell (lesudel@mymts.net)
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To contact the NTG Canadian Consortium see the FMI above
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Consortium and curriculum

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The NTG Canadian Consortium is a collective of professionals, academics, and agency personnel with interest in advocacy, education, and program/services development on behalf of Canadians with developmental disabilities at risk of or living with dementia as well as their families and other caregivers.  The Consortium has advised on matters related to developmental disabilities for the development of A Dementia Strategy for Canada: Together We Aspire. The Consortium maintains a cross-border collegial relationship with the National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices in the US.