Caring for a loved one who has Down syndrome and Alzheimer's or another dementia

can be one of the greatest challenges we face. 

We do not have to do it alone! 

Advocating for the Needs of Families

Family Support Workgroup

The NTG is committed to family caregivers, as well as direct service professionals, who support individuals with intellectual disability and dementia. We recognize that many family members provide direct, day-to-day care to their loved one, while others are involved indirectly. No matter how you provide care, the work we do is in support of all family caregivers.


The Family Support Workgroup:

For more information about the NTG's family support activities please contact

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Online Family
Support Group

1st Thursday of Every Month

There are many families who are       accompanying their loved one with Down syndrome or other Intellectual Disability on the Alzheimer's (Dementia) journey.


It can feel like a lonely path, but it doesn't have to. Join other family caregivers in regularly scheduled online meetings to discuss your concerns, to share your fears, your joys, and to learn. 

For more information about the online support group or how to join the monthly meetings please email

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News and articles of special interest to family caregivers.

Our caregiver newsletter is published several  times a year and contains articles and resources of particular interest to family caregivers.  

Articles cover a range of topics and issues that families need up-to-date information on such as research, managing care, resources, and much more.

To view and download copies of past newsletters please click here.

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Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's/Down Syndrome Regression Support

Private Facebook Group

This is a support group for families of people who have a primary diagnosis of Down syndrome with an additional diagnosis of Alzheimer's or Down Syndrome Regression.


This group was created to provide a safe environment for families and those who care for, support and love people with Down syndrome who are experiencing a loss of skills, significant difficult behavior, or other health issues as a result of Alzheimer's or Down Syndrome Regression.


To be considered for membership in this group, anyone requesting membership must thoroughly answer the three questions listed. The administrators of the group reserve the right to decline membership to anyone who has not answered the questions with enough information to ensure the group is a good fit.

 Click here  to join our Facebook group.