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Canadian Affiliated Provincial Trainers

Canadian Affiliated
Provincial Trainers

Information about Provincial Trainers

Affiliated Provincial Trainers are individuals who have undergone training in dementia and intellectual/developmental disabilities via the Canadian Consortium's official training workshop.  Affiliated Provincial Trainers are permitted to use the NTG-Canada curriculum materials and provide specific content training in Canada.

News and Information from Provincial Trainer Groups
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British Columbia

The British Columbia Affiliated Trainers ...



Dr. Nancy Jokinen is meeting with the BC CEO Network to discuss dementia and intellectual disability and how the group might expand training opportunities and use more of the NTG's resource materials.

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The Manitoba Affiliated Trainers ... 










Carey Lai, Owner / Pharmacist of the Leia Pharmacy in Winnipeg underwrote the holding of a dementia and intellectual disability workshop that was held in May/June 2022.
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The Ontario Affiliated Trainers ...


The Reena Foundation, host to a number of workshops for personnel working within Ontario, will be holding its 50th anniversary celebration this coming October.
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The Saskatchewan Affiliated Trainers ....

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