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National Council on Disability issues report on impact of COVID-19 and congregate care settings

NCD report describes significant barriers to an effective, adequate system of HCBS, and provides recommendations that will be responsive to the nation’s present and growing need for community-based living. The integration mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Supreme Court’s decision in Olmstead v. L.C. are the bases for moving people with disabilities, who can and want to live in the community, out of institutionalized settings. However, this report points out continued barriers that restrict the ability to do so. Important is the implementation of care practices and safety features that prevent the transmission of diseases and virus in homes providing community-oriented care for adults with intellectual ad developmental disabilities. This basis for such alternative care for persons living with dementia precludes institutionalization in generic long-term nursing care facilities and should be recognized for supports under HCBS -- as an appropriate support for aging people with dementia.


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