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Dementia Care Planning

Dementia care planning is a process that involves assessing the state of an individual who has been diagnosed with dementia and then considering what care and support practices should be implemented to help compensate for any losses or challenges being experienced. 

The NTG-EDSD can be an useful device for collective discussions and dementia care planning involving families and care providers.  The assessment information derived from the NTG-EDSD and augmented by input from family members, care staff, and clinicians, as well as input from the person with an intellectual disability  can be used to help identity strengths and challenges, as well as a health or medical areas that warrant surveillance. This composite information can then provide the basis for an individualize dementia care plan.

A presentation by Dr. Lucy Esralew, of NTG's Board of Directors and Chair of the NTG's Scientific Consultative Panel, explains its basis and how it can be applied via a set of informative slides.  Click here to access her presentation.

Dementia Care Planning Resources
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