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Upcoming Events

Please check back frequently as we continue to add new NTG events regularly. We also add links to partner events that are of interest to the intellectual disability and dementia community.

Note - The Toronto 2nd International Summit matter has been moved to the Past Events page.  To be taken to its new setting click here.

NTG Board Members Presenting at 36th Global Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International in Krakow, Poland (April 2024)

NTG Board members Kathryn Service and Matthew Janicki are presenting on topics related to intellectual disability and dementia at the April 2024 ADI Conference in Krakow, Poland.  Ms. Service's presentation, 'A Support Group for Families with a Member with an Intellectual Disability Who is Living with Dementia: A Case Study and a Story' will cover her experience with the NTG's family support group program.  Dr. Janicki's presentation, 'Adapting Alzheimer's Disease Modifying Treatment Criteria to Accommodate Adults with Down Syndrome,' will address the work that the NTG and the Lumind IDSC Foundation are doing with advocating for equity in access to the newly approved anti-amyloid medications for treating Alzheimer's disease.  Dr. Janicki's co-authors are Hampus Hillerstrom and Dr. Richard Fisher of Lumind IDSC.

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June 6-9, 2024, Chicago, Illinois

2024 NTG Annual Conference

The NTG is contributing a partial day program to the annual AADMD conference to be held in Chicago, Illinois on June 6-9, 2024.  The 'NTG Day' will be Friday, June 7th, and the NTG's contribution is an exciting and highly informative program for the morning. 


Speakers will include Dr. Beth Marks of the University of Illinois Chicago, who will give a keynote address on brain health and developmental disabilities. A special plenary panel on 'Emerging Older-Age Clinical Issues in Down Syndrome and Intellectual Disabilities' will follow and include presentations by Dr. Richard Fisher, Lumind IDSC Foundation ('What we need to know about the emergence of Alzheimer’s disease modifying treatments'), Dr. Brian Chicoine, Advocate Medical Group Adult Down Syndrome Center ('What is new on diagnosis and care in primary practice for adults with Down syndrome'), and Ms. Anna Fedewa, NDSS ('What is the perspective on what matters for families and people with Down syndrome'). The Moderator will be Dr. Seth M. Keller, co-President, NTG.

NTG principals will also be involved in the afternoon breakout sessions.  Dr. Seth Keller will offer a session on neurological aspects of adults with neuroatypical conditions, and Drs. Keller and Matthew Janicki will offer a Q&A Session on Alzheimer's disease modifying treatments and the new CMS GUIDE model.

Specifics will be announced as more information is available.   

FMI: Kathryn Pears, NTG's Director of Operations

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