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NTG Video on​ Biomarkers and Therapeutics for People with Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease

Updated: Jan 4

Recorded October 7, 2021

Many people with Down syndrome will show signs of decline as they age, often associated with the presence of Alzheimer's disease. These signs often begin in their early 50s and will affect their lives and health. Worry and concern about this disease and its implications for self-care, supports, health, and quality of life can be very unsettling. The recent news of new medications that may hold promise in making a difference for persons diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease needs clarification, perspective, and an understanding of how they may help adults with Down syndrome, and possibly adults with other intellectual disabilities. On October 7th, the NTG assembled a national panel of expert researchers and practitioners in the field of Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease to engage in a realistic and thoughtful discussion of both current and future therapeutics, matters related to diagnostics, and the emerging research on biomarkers.

The content of this webinar is of interest to parents and families, providers, advocates, clinicians, practitioners, and others invested in the future for persons with Down syndrome.

If you missed it, you can watch the video above for a private showing.


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