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Booklet on Alzheimer's Disease and Down Syndrome

Booklet on Alzheimer's Disease and Down Syndrome

Caregiver resource guide

This NDSS booklet is a resource that answers various caregiving questions and explores challenges when caring for someone with Down syndrome affected by Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. It can help caregivers who are supporting an adult who has mid- or late-stage disease and already bring with them their own expertise and wisdom from the daily practice of caregiving.

Readers may find information that sparks new realizations or connections that can be put to use. For those who have lost a loved one with Down syndrome due to Alzheimer's, this booklet can help shed light on some unanswered questions, provide insight on how to be a support to other caregivers, or help gain further closure on an undoubtedly difficult process.

​Click to go to the NDSS website to download a copy.  Copies are also available in Spanish and Dutch.

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