COVID-19 Resources of Particular Interest

to Family Caregivers

Caregiving During COVID: Three Good Things To Do

VitalTalk co-founder Dr. Tony Back speaks to caregivers about how they can be prepared in the event that they or their loved one becomes ill with COVID-19.  He suggests (1) becoming your person's health proxy - in case health care decisions have to be made.  Be sure your person has a health care directive; (2) ask the person what they would like to be done if they become ill with COVID-19; and (3) as the person what makes them feel safer and stronger.  The video runs for about 4 and half minutes.  To access the video.

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International Survey for Families on COVID-19

An international collaboration of researchers from more than 14 countries have joined forces to investigate how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its political, social and economic repercussions are impacting on individuals with intellectual disability and their families. The aim is to contribute to a better understanding of the experiences of families and influence the design of future interventions to improve caregiver quality of life.

They have created an online questionnaire aimed at parents or caregivers of individuals with special needs (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, intellectual disability, Williams syndrome, etc.) that can be filled out at home in about 30 minutes.  All you need is internet access and a computer or wi-fi enabled smart phone.
The group would like to get over 200 responses in order to allow data to be compared between groups of persons with different conditions and countries.  If you are willing, you can help the group by completing the questionnaire which can be found at

Child Development and Learning Difficulties Lab (FMI contact: Dr Jo Van Herwegen)

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