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Bienvenidos a NTG

NTG es una organización sin fines de lucro encargada de garantizar que se tengan en cuenta los intereses de los adultos con discapacidades intelectuales y del desarrollo afectados por la enfermedad de Alzheimer y otras causas de demencia, así como los de sus familiares y amigos.

Nuestra misión es abogar por los servicios y apoyos para las personas con discapacidad intelectual y sus familias que se ven afectadas por la enfermedad de Alzheimer y las demencias.

Colaboraciones NTG


Webinar Series for Families... on Aging, Dementia, & ID

NTG Family

Webinar Series

Session 1: The Aging Process

Session 2: Early Screening for Cognitive Changes

Session 3: Life Planning for Phases of the Life Journey

Session 4: Behavioral Changes Occurring with Dementia

Session 5: Family Panel - Sharing Personal Experiences

The NTG's Family Support Program provides a twice yearly informative webinar series on dementia and intellectual disabilities. The series provides key information for families, people with intellectual disability, and others within their support networks concerned about aging/dementia.

The webinars are offered at no cost

Information about our Fall series will be posted by mid-Summer.

NTG and LuMind IDSC Issue Advisory on Prescribing Criteria for Alzheimer's Therapeutics and Publish Report in Journal

The NTG, the LuMind IDSC Foundation, and an international blue ribbon expert panel produced an advisory on adapting drug formulary committed criteria by States so that adults with Down syndrome (and other intellectual disabilities) can be prescribed FDA approved Alzheimer's disease anti-amyloid immunotherapeutics, once they are authorized for use by adults with Down syndrome. A synopsis of the Panel's report has now been published in Alzheimer's & Dementia, the journal of the Alzheimer's Association.

Project ECHO Series on Dementia and Intellectual Disability

NTG and URI/VCU is now presenting their 2024 ECHO Series, which began on April 22nd. This annual ECHO series is offered twice a year, is free, and is a practical, case-based /education program for health care and social service providers who want to enhance their knowledge, capabilities, and performance related to the care of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities affected by dementia.

The ECHO partners have also issued a look-back at the past four years of their program. Information on the look-back and the '24 Spring series can be found on the ECHO page.  Registration for the remaining session is still open.

The Gerontological Society of America and the NTG have Created a 'Companion' on Intellectual Disability and Dementia to its KAER Toolkit

The NTG, provider organizations in Ohio, and the GSA collaborated on producing a Companion to the GSA's renown KAER Toolkit. The new Companion, previewed at the GSA's November Conference in Tampa FL, specifically focuses on issues relevant to intellectual disability and dementia, providing guidance for health workers, support personnel, and caregivers. The companion will be accompanied by various media products making the information more available to a broader audience. The Companion is now available. To access the KAER Companion on Intellectual Disability and Dementia, click on More Info >

NTG Submits Recommendations to NIA/AA on New Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Guidelines

The National Institute on Aging and the Alzheimer’s Association (NIA-AA) draft diagnostic guideline on diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease was issued at the 2023 AAIC Conference in Amsterdam, NL, with a request for comments. The NTG submitted comments that lauded the work of the NIA/AA and proposed that the guideline offer more attention to diagnosing Alzheimer's disease in adults with intellectual disabilities and furthering research on biomarkers in adults with other than Down syndrome. To see an Explainer.  A subsequent, revised, version was issued by the Alzheimer's Association at the Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease (CTAD) conference on Oct. 25, 2023, with a call for further comments. The LuMind IDSC Foundation and the NTG submitted a joint comment. To see Nov. 16th submission.

NTG busca nuevos miembros para la junta

The NTG has issued a public policy advisory on applications of the CMS 'Settings Rule; with applications to community-based housing for adults with intellectual disability living with dementia. The advisory covers that adaptations agencies could use to provide HCBS supports in small dementia capable group homes and designing person-centered care plans.

NTG busca nuevos miembros para la junta

The NTG, jointly with the Health Matters Program at the University of Illinois Chicago, issued an advisory on risk reduction and brain health by moderating over-medication among adults with intellectual disability. The advisory, designed to promote healthy brain outcomes, recognizes that over-medicating can have negative effects on physical and brain health, as well as potentially can increase the risk for mild cognitive impairment or dementia. The information provided is intended to lead to a constructive scrutiny of medication use, avoid “medication harm’, and result in positive health outcomes.

NTG Welcomes the Support of the Peter J. Taylor Charitable Trust

The NTG is pleased to recognize the generous support of the Peter J. Taylor Charitable Trust in support of its family assistance and information efforts. New initiatives are underway to expand our focus on supporting families, which include maintaining an on-line monthly support group for caregivers, a new series of informative webinars, and increased involvement in producing family-friendly materials.

NTG busca nuevos miembros para la junta

El NTG está buscando nominaciones para dos puestos en su Junta Directiva.  Los miembros de la Junta brindan dirección general y contribuyen con su experiencia a la organización. Las autonominaciones son bienvenidas. Si tiene experiencia y/o interés en la discapacidad intelectual y la demencia y cree en la misión de NTG, considere enviar una nominación. Ir a nuestra página de Nominaciones,donde hay más información disponible. Las nominaciones deben enviarse antes del 20 de septiembre de 2022.

International Summit on ID and Dementia and the NTG Issue Seminal Report on Autism and Dementia

The NTG was a partner in the recently held 2nd International Summit on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia, held on October 24-25, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The Summit was part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Reena Organization.  A report on autism and dementia has been issue by the Summit Secretariat; other reports will be  are forthcoming. The Summit report on autism and dementia is now available.  The NTG is hosting the international ID and dementia Summit Secretariat.

Dr. Kathleen Bishop, NTG's Vice President, Offers Public Comments to Federal NAPA Advisory Council

The NTG's Vice President, Dr. Kathleen Bishop, offered comments to the federal Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care, and Services on the NTG's collaborative effort with the National Association for Direct Support Professionals of our collective model for acknowledging educational capabilities on dementia and intellectual disability via the NADSP's e-Badge Academy.  She spoke to the need for increasing educational and training opportunities for direct support personnel who are working in settings serving adults with intellectual disability affected by dementia.

NTG Board Member, Prof. Christina Marsack-Topolewski Recognized for Advocacy Efforts in Michigan

The Arc of Oakland County Michigan awarded Eastern Michigan University professor, Dr. Christina Marsack-Topolewski, a NTG Board member, the Advocacy Hall of Fame Award. Dr. Marsack-Topolewski was recognized for five years of community service work supporting a new state law to protect vulnerable adults with disabilities against online predation.

Próximos entrenamientos y talleres
USA flag image_edited.jpg

Talleres de EE. UU.

Amarillo, Texas - 4, 5 y 6 de octubre de 2022

En línea - 24 al 28 de octubre (medios días)

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Talleres Canadienses

Workshop schedule for 2024... Now, on January 9-10th in Kitchener, Ontario! Check for more information.

Serie de Educación ECHO

Serie ECHO de otoño de 2022 de NTG y URI/VCU: 'Envejecer con discapacidades intelectuales de por vida: cuando se sospecha o se diagnostica demencia'

Otras noticias destacadas de NTG
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Una vez que se publiquen entradas, las verás aquí.

Formación y educación de NTG

El NTG ofrece talleres de capacitación sobre discapacidad intelectual y demencia, en los EE. UU. y Canadá. Estos talleres de renombre se basan en los módulos curriculares basados en evidencia de NTG sobre diversos temas relacionados con la discapacidad intelectual y la demencia. 

La serie educativa ECHO de NTG es un programa educativo gratuito, práctico y basado en casos para proveedores de servicios sociales y de atención médica que desean mejorar sus conocimientos, capacidades y desempeño relacionados con el cuidado de personas con discapacidades intelectuales y del desarrollo afectadas por la demencia.

Image by Samantha Borges

Apoyo familiar NTG

Image by Nathan Anderson
Image by Centre for Ageing Better

El NTG está comprometido con los cuidadores familiares, así como con los profesionales de servicio directo, que apoyan a las personas con discapacidad intelectual y demencia. Reconocemos que muchos miembros de la familia brindan atención diaria directa a su ser querido, mientras que otros están involucrados indirectamente. No importa cómo brinde atención, el trabajo que hacemos es en apoyo de todos los cuidadores familiares.

El NTG ofrece un grupo de apoyo en línea mensual gratuito para miembros de la familia que cuidan a un pariente adulto con identificación y demencia.  El grupo de apoyo se reúne el primer jueves de cada mes a las 8 p. m., hora del este. 

Formación y educación de NTG

Biblioteca de publicaciones

¿Busca información sobre la demencia y diversas afecciones, como el autismo o la parálisis cerebral? Qué pasasíndrome de regresiónySíndrome de Down?

Mantenemos páginas de información, que ofrecen resúmenes de investigaciones recientes, que cubren estos y otros temas relacionados. Vaya a nuestra biblioteca completa para filtrar en las categorías que le interesen.

Publicaciones destacadas

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My Thinker's Not Working

My Thinker's Not Working

Resource document

Physician's Quick Guide for Using the NTG-EDSD

Physician's Quick Guide for Using the NTG-EDSD

Resource document

Examining Adults with Neuroatypical Conditions for MCI/Dementia During Cognitive Impairment Assessments: Report of the Neuroatypical Conditions Expert Consultative Panel

Examining Adults with Neuroatypical Conditions for MCI/Dementia During Cognitive Impairment Assessments: Report of the Neuroatypical Conditions Expert Consultative Panel

Resource document

FAQ on Dementia and ID

FAQ on Dementia and ID

Resource document

Community Care and Supports for People with Intellectual Disabilities Affected by Dementia

Community Care and Supports for People with Intellectual Disabilities Affected by Dementia

Resource document

Bibliography on Dementia Care Management and Intellectual Disability

Bibliography on Dementia Care Management and Intellectual Disability

Working bibliography

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