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2020 Report of the Evaluation of the NTG Workshops

2020 Report of the Evaluation of the NTG Workshops


NTG Evaluation Committee 2019 Summary Report - 7/2020 Consistent with the mission of the NTG to enhance the knowledge and support of care providers for older individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the NTG Evaluation Committee examined the impact of 11 education and training workshops provided by both NTG's Master Trainers and various Lead Trainers and held between January and December 2019. Using the ADKS-ID pre-post test data as well as post training evaluation data from 2-day training workshops, the Evaluation Committee's summary report covered trainee satisfaction, knowledge acquisition, perceived value of content presented, and intent to apply information included in the training delivered. The training locations from which data were collected and analyzed covered 10 states across the United States.

Key Findings: The NTG Evaluation Committee determined that the ADKS-ID 2.0 tool met required criteria for further use by the NTG as a pre-posttest training measure. In February 2020, the authors of the original ADKS instrument granted permission to the NTG to continue to use the adapted tool, the ADKS-ID, for NTG training purposes. It is currently in use for NTG purposes only. The Committee also found that evaluation responses affirmed that participant learning outcomes aligned with the stated training objectives. Responses indicated that the objectives of the 2-day training workshop were met. More than 90% of the training attendees would recommend the training to others.

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