Meet The NTG Steering Committee

The NTG is managed by a steering committee composed of the following NTG members:

  • Matthew P. Janicki, Ph.D. (Co-Chair)  (ME)

  • Seth M. Keller, M.D. (Co-Chair)  (NJ)

  • Kathleen Bishop, Ph.D.  (NY/FL)

  • Nicole Cadovius, MBA ( CT)

  • Melissa Disipio, MSW  (PA)

  • Lucille Esralew, Ph.D.  (CA)

  • Lawrence T. Force, Ph.D.  (NY)

  • Paula Gann  (CA)

  • Andrew Griffin, Ph.D.  (TX)

  • Rachel Grimm  (DC)

  • Ashley Helsing  (DC)

  • Eileen Herge, Ph.D.  (PA)

  • Mary Hogan, MAT  (ME)

  • Nancy Jokinen, Ph.D.  (BC)

  • Ronald Lucchino, Ph.D.  (NM)

  • Christina Marsack-Topolewski, Ph.D.  (MI)

  • Philip McCallion, Ph.D.  (PA)

  • Julie Moran, D.O.  (MA)

  • Dawna Torres Mughal, Ph.D.  (PA)

  • Leone Murphy, M.S.W.  (NJ)

  • Melissa Parnell, Ph.D.  (NC)

  • Kathryn Pears, MPPM  (SC)

  • Rick Rader, M.D.  (TN)

  • Mike Rafii, M.D.  (CA)

  • Jadene Ransdell  (FL)

  • Kathy Service, FNP  (MA)

  • Baldev Singh, M.D.  (NY)

  • Kathy Srsic-Stoehr, MSN  (VA)

  • Helen Stepowany, MS  (NY)

Matthew Janicki, PhD

NTG Co-Chair

Matthew P. Janicki, Ph.D. is the co-chair of the US National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices, a research associate professor in the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a member of the federal Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s Research, Care, and Services [under the US National Alzheimer’s Project Act]. 


Previously, he was the director for aging and special populations for the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, and a Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation Public Policy Leadership Fellow working out of the National Institute on Aging and the United States Senate.

Seth Keller, MD

NTG Co-Chair

Seth M. Keller, MD, is the co-chair of the NTG.  He is a neurologist in private practice with Neurology Associates of South Jersey of South Jersey.  Dr. Keller is on the Executive Board of the Arc of Burlington County (NJ) as well as on the board for The Arc of New Jersey Mainstreaming Medical Care Board. 


Dr. Keller is the Past President of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD). 


He is actively involved in national and international intellectual disability health education as a speaker and webinar and workshop participant. He served as a neurologist at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Okinawa, Japan.

Kathleen Bishop, PhD

Education & Training Committee, Co-Chair

Kathleen M. Bishop, Ph.D. is gerontologist with a specialty in developmental disabilities.  Previously she worked for the New York State Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, where she was an assistant director for staff development and training.


Dr. Bishop is the past Director of the Program on Aging and Developmental Disabilities (PADD) at the University of Rochester. 


Dr. Bishop has over 40 years of experience in the developmental disabilities field and is an author and co-author of numerous book chapters and peer review journal articles related to advocacy and health and wellness for adults over the lifespan.

Kathryn Pears, MPPM

Education & Training Committee, Co-Chair

Kathryn Pears is co-chair of the NTG's Training and Education Committee and co-lead trainer for NTG workshops.  She is Principal of Dementia Care Strategies which provides training and consulting services to aging and disability organizations on caring for adults with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia.

Prior to forming Dementia Care Strategies she was Director of Programs and Policy for the Alzheimer's Association, Maine Chapter.

A former family caregiver for her father, diagnosed with Alzheimer''s disease at the age of 56 in 1981, she has a special passion for helping family caregivers.  

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