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The NTG is a voluntary membership organization comprised of persons sharing a common interest on the impact of dementia on adults with intellectual disability and their families. The NTG is an affiliate of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (the AADMD) but functions as an independent organization.  Membership in AADMD is welcome, but not required to be a member of the NTG. There is no cost to join.  While we focus primarily on affairs within the United States (as well as have a branch in Canada) we are also involved with universal issues and international organizations.  Colleagues from any country are welcome to join.


Currently, membership is offered at two levels, Member of the NTG, and Friend of the NTG.  Members are persons engaged in the affairs of the NTG, and Friends are persons who follow what we do.  Family members and other caregivers are welcome to join under either category

Joining the NTG

By joining the NTG you'll become part of the premier national organization advocating for the services and supports so important to adults with intellectual disability and dementia.and have access to the very latest information, educational opportunities, and make your voice heard with opportunities to tell policymakers what you think.  

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